On the Move is an exhibition of professional that celebrates the lives, challenges and ecological knowledge of mobile pastoralists in the Mediterranean region. From North Africa to the Middle East, from the Iberian Peninsula to Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, the work of professional photographers from six countries are featured in this unique travelling exhibition.

On the Move began its journey at the Bardo Museum in Tunis, then moved to the 9e arrondissement in Paris at the Salons Aguado. Next stop was at the Natural History Museum in Geneva, then in the beautiful Cultural Centre of Byblos, Lebanon. In February 2015 On the Move arrived in Madrid at the Botanical Gardens and then made stops in Asturias and Extremadura – capital of Spanish transhumance. It then moved to Greece for a stop in the transhumant village of Metsovo before its stay in Athens.

At each place people have been touched by the poignant images of these transhumant shepherds and nomads. It really is an amazing journey!

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On the Move was commissioned by the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture and coordinated by DiversEarth.



Ordinary people all over the Mediterranean Basin are the keepers of extraordinary ecological knowledge. Understanding and supporting this knowledge and the practices that are based on it is absolutely critical at a time when biodiversity and cultural diversity have never been more threatened.

In a bid to do this, the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture was established. Our partners consist of NGOs (Associacion Trashumancia y Naturaleza, DiversEarth, Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA), Society for Protection of Nature in the Lebanon (SPNL), WWF and Yolda Initiative, with technical support from IUCN and financial support of the MAVA Foundation), who have joined forces to support the cultural practices that benefit nature in the Mediterranean Basin.


DiversEarth is an international NGO based in Switzerland. We work at the very special interface between Nature, Culture and Spirit, engaging with custodians of lands and waters to enhance the protection, management, and restoration of Sacred Natural Sites; supporting and celebrating innovative cultural practices around the world that benefit nature; and working with faith-based communities and networks to find culturally appropriate ways of protecting nature and its resources.

Visit our website to find out more: www.diversearth.org


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