Asaad Saleh

Asaad Saleh, Lebanon.

In the world of photography, Assad is known to possess a unique, creative, and innovative touch that is evident in his shooting and photography skills that he has passionately mastered over the years. Asaad’s love and passion for photography dates back to 1990. By 2005, and due to his interest and skillful photographic achievements, Asaad has turned into an independent professional photographer specializing in portraits, weddings, Nature, landscapes, products, 360 Immerse Images, and the likes.

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Baris Koca

Baris Koca, Turkey.

Baris began taking photographs seriously in 2001, after a very busy student life in Electronics Engineering in Hacettepe University. In 2004, while he was working as electronics engineer, he began taking photographs for “Yolculuk (Travel) Magazine” and his semi-professional photography career began. In 2008, after 10 years engineering in the sector, he decided to continue with full time photography, completely changing his career.

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Gema Arugaetta

Gema Arugaetta, Spain

Gema Arrugaeta is a professional photographer who lives in natural surroundings in the mountains of Navarre. There, she prepares and edits her work on nature, the countryside, the world´s different cultures and places, in her photographic studio.

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Stamos Abatis

Stamos Abatis, Greece

Stamos Abatis is a Freelance Photographer and Multimedia Expert from Greece with competencies in documentary photography, gigapixel and 360 degree cinematography and video editing, website development and multimedia applications.

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Younes Tazi

Younes Tazi, Morocco

Bekkar Younes (known in the world of photography under the name Younes Tazi ), is a professional photographer born in Taza in Morocco in 1982. Since 2006 his activity has been divided between his profession, agronomy, and his passion for photography. His self-education in the arts has long highlighted the beauty of his subjects. His work mainly involves portrait photography, fashion and nude and glamour; but he is also able to speak to a wider audience through the implementation of several reportage photo shoots.

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Wassim Ghozlani

Wassim Ghozlani, Tunisia.

Wassim Ghozlani is a freelance photographer who lives and works in Tunis. His photography is a mix of aesthetic and journalistic reportage, which also extends to specific projects in which he himself creates the scene. His themes often incorporate reflections in relation to the world around us and the men who live in it. assim currently divides his time between his photographic work (publications, exhibitions, workshops) and the coordination of the project, Shutter Party.

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Alexander Belokurov

Alexander Belokurov, Switzerland.

Alexander Belokurov, is a photographer who specializes in nature and travel photography. Passionate about the beauty of the natural world and moments encountered in nature, Alexander tries to capture his subjects as naturally as possible.

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