Alexander Belokurov

Posted on Dec 30, 2014
Alexander Belokurov

Before we can conclude 2014, we have to say a big, heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to a very special guest photographer who made On The Move’s exhibition in Geneva’s Natural History Museum incredibly special.

Alexander Belokurov, is a photographer who specializes in nature and travel photography. Passionate about the beauty of the natural world and moments encountered in nature, Alexander tries to capture his subjects as naturally as possible. His photos have been featured in many international magazines and journals including Environment and the Telegraph (UK). He is also a Getty Images photographer. Working for WWF he has many opportunities to explore this passion all around the world.

His beautiful photos were taken during the Désalpe 2014 (the descent of the cattle pasture in autumn). DiversEarth had the chance to participate in the descent onto St Cergue Crassier with the family flocks Bory and Melly, and we are very grateful. The beauty of this practice that connects the generations, as well as the excitement of the whole event has been captured by the photographer. This festival is very famous and popular throughout Switzerland, even if the long transhumance is pretty rare these days.

Below is a link to a short Désalpe video, courtesy of Alexander:

As well as a link to his portfolio: