Gema Arrugaeta

Posted on Jun 4, 2014
Gema Arrugaeta

And last but not least, we extend a very warm welcome to Gema, our professional photographer from Spain!

Gema Arrugaeta is a professional photographer who lives in natural surroundings in the mountains of Navarre. There, she prepares and edits her work on nature, the countryside, the world´s different cultures and places, in her photographic studio.

Having studied in ‘Escuela Superior de Fotografía Gris-Art’, she gained an Honourable Mention in the Concours International de Photos pour la Jeunesse from the Photos Club Petange – 1988 Luxembourg, at the age of 18. Throughout her career she has collaborated with different specialist magazines such as National Geographic, Altair and Integral. She has won other prizes and recognitions and was recently selected as finalist in the international competition Nature Images Awards 2013 with the collection “TRANSHUMANCE”.

Amongst her various activities she teaches photography in several schools of art and runs workshops specializing in photography of Nature, Travel, Rural Life and Landscapes.

She manages her own photographic archive that at present includes 140,000 photographs, taken throughout her professional photography career. This includes international assignments in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark (1991), Peru and Bolivia (1992/93), Italy (1994/95/96), Alaska (1996), Sri Lanka (1998), Nepal (2000), Chile and Argentina (2001), Morocco (2003/2011) and Vietnam (2013). Also In Europe she has a wide photo collection on France and Italy and above all, Spain.

A few of her exhibitions to date include:

Basque Government Tourism Campaigns, 2010-13.

“Nature Reserves of the Basque Country”. Basque Diversity Centre. Madariaga Tower, Basque Country. 2012.

“Human rights. Here and now. 15 Photographers”. San Sebastian City Council, Basque Country. 2008.

Association “Shepherds of the World” Photographic campaigns in the Basque Country 1999-2003.

To see her beautiful work, visit: /