On The Move is coming to Geneva

Posted on Oct 1, 2014
On The Move is coming to Geneva
On the Move is set to make its third stop in Geneva at the Natural History Museum… With 30’000 visitors in the month of July, On the Move promises to reach a large Swiss and international audience. For the first time, our photographers will be present to see how their work has come together.
On the Move in Geneva will also feature, exceptionally, 10 photographs of the Swiss Désalpe (return of the cows from the mountains in Autumn) by photographer, Alexander Belokurov. Last weekend DiversEarth accompanied two families and their herds from St Cergue to Crassier in preparation for the exhibition. The Swiss Désalpe is a very popular cultural festival that is still very much alive and kicking and part of village life. Long transhumance in Switzerland does actually still exist, but is very rare today.
The exhibition in Geneva will stay from 11 October to 30 November… We hope many of you can visit it.