Stamos Abatis

Posted on Mar 24, 2014
Stamos Abatis

We are happy to welcome Stamos Abatis to our On The Move team!

Stamos Abatis is a Freelance Photographer and Multimedia Expert from Greece with competencies in documentary photography, gigapixel and 360o cinematography and video editing, website development and multimedia applications.

He has worked on a wide variety of projects including:

–          Landscape photography (photographic studies of landscapes using Gigapixel panoramic techniques and 360o x 180o spherical photography techniques), 2012 – 2013

–          Photography director and development of the virtual tour of the Vjosa/Aoos  River Ecomuseum (, 2014 (ongoing)

–          Documentary photography and video of the current transhumance practices of Pindos Mountain in Greece, on behalf of the Mediterranean Consortium of Nature and culture (, 2014 (ongoing)

–          Collaboration with Photonio Photo and Video Productions on video editing and cinematography projects, 2009 – today

–          Director of Photography of the medium length film “Το φως πριν την Αυγή” of Christos Megarchiotis, 2010

–          Director of Photography and editing of the music video-clip “Έτσι οι μέρες περνούν”  (music and lyrics by Dimitris Karras), 2011

–          Design and development of Olga Stefatou’s website ( , 2010

We are very excited to have Stamos on board and look forward to working with him! To see examples of his stunning work, follow him on Facebook.