Younes Tazi

Posted on May 5, 2014
Younes Tazi

And we have our second photographer for North Africa!

Bekkar Younes (known in the world of photography under the name Younes Tazi ), is a professional photographer born in Taza in Morocco in 1982.

Since 2006 his activity has been divided between his profession, agronomy, and his passion for photography. His self-education in the arts has long highlighted the beauty of his subjects. His work mainly involves portrait photography, fashion and nude and glamour; but he is also able to speak to a wider audience through the implementation of several reportage photo shoots.

During his various trips between Morocco and abroad, he has been collaborate on several exhibitions as part of a partnership between the Association of Moroccan young photographers and HP multinational, and he is currently preparing several exhibition projects ( colonial Orientalist pictures , agriculture, glamour, sports photos). Have a look at his website: www.younes –